Continuation of MePS Tests at EPOS

2010-03-02_01 Further setup of MePS spectrometer 2010-03-02_02 Cable clips holding the steering coils 2010-03-02_03 Maik and Andreas preparing an electronic rack 2010-03-02_04 Magnetic transportation field coil close to the converter chamber 2010-03-02_05 ... detailed view ... 2010-03-02_06 one branch of the electron beam line of ELBE (view from positron converter) 2010-03-02_07 View into cave 111b to the station where electron meets the TW laser pulses 2010-03-02_08 The positron converter screening and Mike 2010-03-02_09 Andreas in action 2010-03-02_10 the future positron lab 2010-03-02_11 setup is growing 2010-03-02_12 the third and final curved vacuum tube 2010-03-02_13 Helmholtz coils 2010-03-02_14 Wolfgang adjusting electronics 2010-03-02_15 beginning of beam line in cave 111d 2010-03-02_16 Marco at Ge-detector electronics 2010-03-02_17 2010-03-02_18 Ge detector under preparation for MePS beamtime 2010-03-02_19 at the other side: BaF2 detector for measuring the time structure of beam 2010-03-02_20 top view (incl. feets of photographer) 2010-03-02_21 2010-03-02_22 ... and rest of lab 2010-03-02_23 2010-03-02_24 Andreas playing with electronics for beam diagnostics 2010-03-02_25 2010-03-02_26 2010-03-02_27 top view of detectors 2010-03-02_28 neutron background during beam time in Lab is low enough 2010-03-02_29 the machine pulse is obtained by optical fibre and converted into NIM pulses