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SLOPOS-14 (Matsue, Japan)

R. Krause-Rehberg, E. Hirschmann, A. Müller, D. Espenhahn, M. Elsayed, A. G. Attallah, C. Bluhm

A 4-PMT and 12-Spectra Digital Positron Lifetime Spectrometer



Maik Butterling, Wolfgang Anwand, Thomas E. Cowan, Marco Jungmann, Christoph Keßler, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg, Gerald Staats, Andreas Wagner

Start of user operation of the Mono-energetic Positron Source MePS  



C. Naidoo, N.P. van der Meulen, C. Vermeulen and R. Krause-Rehberg



J. Haeberle, A. Krille, M. Jungmann, K. Kosev, A. Wagner, R. Krause-Rehberg

Investigation of the timing behavior of fast photomultiplier tubes with short laser pulses


SLOPOS-12: Magnetic Island Australia 2.-6. August 2010

A. Krille, J. Haeberle, R. Krause-Rehberg

Measuring Positronium Lifetimes: More Advantages of Digital Spectrometers


ICPA-15; Kolkata; India january 2009

M. Butterling , M. Jungmann , A. Krille , M. Werner , E. Altstadt , W. Anwand , R. Krause-Rehberg

Simulation studies for the positron source EPOS


PSD-08, Workshop: Positron Studies of Defects; Prague, Czech Republic, 1.-5.9. 2008
M. Butterling , M. Jungmann , V. Bondarenko "Monte-Carlo simulations for the timing-system of EPOS"
M Elsayed , V Bondarenko, K Petters and R Krause-Rehberg "Detection of Vacancy-Like Defects during Cu Diffusion in GaAs by Positron Annihilation"
N.Hinsche , A.Krille ,W.Anwand ,R.Krause-Rehberg "An approach towards digital positron annihilation coincidence Doppler broadening spectroscopy"
W. Werner, E. Altstadt, M. Jungmann, G. Brauer, K. Noack, A. Rogov, R. Krause-Rehberg "Thermal Analysis of EPOS Components"
A. Krille, W. Anwand, R. Krause-Rehberg "Digital Positron Lifetime: The influence of Noise"
SLOPOS-11: Orléans / France; 9.-13.7.2007
"Construction and Timing System of the EPOS Beam System",  M.Jungmann , R. Krause-Rehberg , A. Mueller
ICPA-13: International Conference on Positron Annihilation, Munich, Kyoto, 8.-12. September 2003
R. Krause- Rehberg, V. Bondarenko, E. Thiele, R. Klemm "Determination of absolute defect concentrations for saturated positron trapping - polycrystalline Ni as a case study"
V. Bondarenko, R. Krause-Rehberg " - international Web-project devoted to positron annihilation"
PSSD-02: Sendai, Japan, 29. September - 4. October 2002  
H. S. Leipner, Z. Wang, H. Gu, V. Bondarenko, R. Krause-Rehberg, J. L. Demenet, J. Rabier "Annealing Dislocations and vacancy clusters in silicon deformed at different temperatures"
SLOPOS-9: Dresden, Germany, 16.-20. July 2001  
R. Krause-Rehberg, L. Buettner, F. Boerner, N. van der Walt "A 22-Na source capsule for use in UHV" (pdf-File: 0.65 MB)
ICDS-21: International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors, Giessen, Germany, 16.-20. July 2001  
F. Redmann, A. Kawasuso, K. Petters, H. Itoh,  R. Krause-Rehberg "Illumination effects in electron irradiated 6H n-type SiC observed by positron annihilation spectroscopy"
J. Gebauer, F. Redmann, M. Lausmann, H.S. Leipner, R. Krause-Rehberg, Ph. Ebert "Experimental determination of the Gibbs free energy of formation of Ga vacancies in GaAs"
V. Bondarenko, K. Petters, R. Krause-Rehberg, J. Gebauer, H.S. Leipner "Study of vacancy-type defects after Cu diffusion in GaAs"
J. Gebauer, R. Zhao, P. Specht, F. Börner, F. Redmann, R. Krause-Rehberg, E.R. Weber "Native point defects in non-stoichiometric GaAs doped with beryllium"
V. Bondarenko, K. Petters, R. Krause-Rehberg "Study of vacancy-type defects after post-growth annealing of undoped GaAs"
ICPA-12: International Conference on Positron Annihilation, Munich, Germany, 6.-11. August 2000  
A.Kawasuso, F.Redmann, R.Krause-Rehberg, P. Sperr, G. Kögel, W.Triftshäuser, M. Weidner, Th.Frank, G.Pensl, H.Itoh "Annealing Study of Defects in Epitaxial SiC Layers Induced by He and Electron Irradiation"
F. Redmann, A. Kawasuso, K. Petters, R. Krause-Rehberg, H. Itoh, M. Weidner, Th. Frank , G. Pensl "Effect of illumination on positron lifetime of electron irradiated n- type 6H SiC"
R. Krause- Rehberg, F. Börner, F. Redmann,  J. Gebauer, P. Sperr, W. Triftshäuser "Impurity gettering in high-energy ion-implanted silicon at Rp/2 by vacancy-type defects"
R. Krause- Rehberg, S. Eichler, F. Börner, F. Redmann "Advanced positron lifetime spectroscopy for pulsed positron beams"
R. Krause-Rehberg , G. Brauer "EPOS - A European Positron Source for Applied Research"
A. M. Massoud, R. Krause-Rehberg, H. T. Langhammer, J. Gebauer, M. Mohsen "Defect studies in BaTiO3 ceramics using positron annihilation spectroscopy"
F. Börner, R. Krause-Rehberg "Improved depth resolution of slow positron method - detailed determination of defect profiles"
J. Gebauer, F. Redmann, M. Lausmann, H.S. Leipner, R. Krause-Rehberg, Ph. Ebert "Revealing thermodynamic properties of vacancies in compound semiconductors by positron annihilation - Ga vacancies in n-doped GaAs"
K. Petters, J. Gebauer, H.S. Leipner, R. Krause-Rehberg "Formation of vacancy clusters during copper diffusion in semiinsulating GaAs"
S. Eichler, D. Behr, F. Börner, Th. Bünger, U. Kretzer, J. Stenzenberger, J. Gebauer, R. Krause-Rehberg "Influence of Vacancy Defects on Compensation in Semi-Insulating VGF- GaAs"

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